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Contact Center Transformation Via The Cloud

Cloud computing has become a main digital transformation strategy for business, and contact centers are no different. Software, services, and storage via the internet have become a common conversation point in business. According to a recent report, the cloud-based contact center market is expected to grow from $6.47 billion in 2017 to $24.11 billion by 2023.

While the digital transformation began a few years ago, many companies are still wondering if the cloud is worth their time. Cloud communications can be particularly effective in the contact center market. Although there are challenges facing contact centers when approaching cloud-based services, the overwhelming benefits of using the cloud outweigh them.

The Role of the Cloud in a Contact Center

Contact centers are technologically heavy enterprises. They are dependent on telecommunications while requiring computers to record and process data. AI trends and interactive platforms have reduced the human element only to increase the technological need.

Legacy systems are designed to house the technological engine in a server room, storing data and running systems on-site near the employees. However, contact centers are evolving with the modern workforce. As the workforce becomes more effective and efficient, the technology should as well.

The cloud is one digital transformation that can create more efficiencies in how contact centers operate. Employees who work from home can use cloud computing as remote desktops, allowing contact centers to maximize a mobile, remote work trend. Similarly, cloud computing can be used as backup and storage, taking the burden away from in-house IT infrastructure. Not only will the cost of hardware decrease, but the capacity of IT staff will increase.

Most importantly, cloud computing allows a contact center to access its data for analytic purposes, increasing efficiencies throughout the organization.

benefits of using the cloud

The cloud is one digital transformation that can create more efficiencies in how contact centers operate.

Benefits of Using the Cloud

There are numerous benefits of using the cloud. One of the most important and overarching benefits of cloud-based contact centers is the customer experience.

Since cloud computing is based on a pay-per-use model, contact centers can scale easily and quickly based on client need. Instead of balancing when to scale up with the potential of a downturn, cloud computing allows adaptation of both up and down movement based entirely on demand.

Adding communication channels like messenger services is easily achieved without needless network administration and headache. Customers expect multiple ways to access agents, and cloud computing gives access and ability without bolting on new technology that often cannot interact with legacy systems.

In addition to scalability and technology, cloud services also manage cost control. The pay-per-use model ensures you do not contract for more than you need. Cloud computing agility allows you to deploy and improve services quickly and efficiently, without lag time.

Another important aspect for a contact center is data. Reporting and analytics offered by cloud computing can help you use the data you gather. Instead of collecting and storing customer information with no business benefit, the information can be processed to learn what is working, what is not working and ultimately how to benefit your customers more.

Challenges for Contact Centers Using the Cloud

Cloud choices can be overwhelming. Storage and server options available include private, public and hybrid. While private servers offer the most security, as infrastructure is dedicated solely to your company, the cost can be prohibitive. Public cloud storage provides cost benefits by sharing with multiple companies, but security can be riskier. Hybrid can be a functional compromise, offering the best of both options.

The most significant challenge for a contact center is that you are trusting your data to someone else. While the data technically belongs to you, as does the customer information, a third party is storing and securing the data. Access and security threats can become an issue. Ultimately, your contact center is responsible for customer data that is not under your control when stored via a remote cloud server.

Data is no longer contained within a self-sufficient network. Although secured and encrypted, data is exposed anytime it’s moving via the internet. Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks can be particularly threatening since the server is remote and potentially shared with other clients. Though your contact center might not be the target, data is exposed when other companies are breached.

Costs involving scalability, development and hardware are more easily managed. However, there is one factor few contact centers consider when transitioning to the cloud. Cloud computing and storage requires all information to pass over the internet. Consumption of bandwidth is a significant obstacle, especially for backups and storage. All other activity can slow to a crawl anytime backups or information transfers are occurring.

Despite the challenges and loss of data control, positives of cloud storage and computing are far more beneficial for your contact center. Successful and profitable call centers will continue to maximize technological advancements, and the cloud is one advancement that cannot be avoided.


Call Center Optimization Group and Dizzion Announce New Strategic Partnership

Call Center Optimization Group Adds Powerful Virtualization Capability to It’s Growing Network of Industry Partnerships.

July 6, 2016 –   Call Center Optimization Group “CCOG” announces a new partnership with Dizzion which will give CCOG’s clients access to Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops and endpoint solutions, particularly the Dizzion zLink.  With the addition of Dizzion’s services, “CCOG” now has a virtual desktop solution to support demand from its call center and business process outsourcer (BPO) clients.

“Dizzion’s solutions give Call Center Optimization Group a compeitive advantage and help set us apart from the other call center consulting companies in the market place,” stated Doug Deker, COO of CCOG.  “The Dizzion portfolio will extend the services we offer to all of our future clients and new partners,” he added.

The Dizzion zLink secure endpoint device is a powerful solution within the BPO and call center space as it reduces the IT hassles associated with desktop maintenance. zLink and zLink Plus devices simply need a network connection and associated peripherals (monitor, mouse, keyboard) to easily access Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops. Users can install the device themselves in under five minutes without IT support making them productive more quickly.

“The zLink gives our clients a unique ability to implement a desktop solution without all of the upfront costs of buying PCs, software, firewalls and beyond,” stated Doug Deker, President and Chief Operations Officer of CCOG. “zLink also is an incredibly scalable solution to support our clients’ growth.”

Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops enable BPOs and call centers to deploy a consistent user experience from tablets, laptops, or thin/zero clients while centralizing management and control of the desktop. Supported by purpose-built software and hardware infrastructure, Dizzion backs its services with 24x7x365 support.

About Call Center Optimization Group

Call Center Optimization Group was established in 2015 by Doug Deker, one of the best call center executives anywhere in the world.  “CCOG” conducts general call center operations consulting and business process optimization as well as call center BPO brokerage; matching our clients with the vast number of BPO partners in our network.  “CCOG” is based in Sterling, Virginia and employs a diverse team of experienced consultants ready to assist with any call center optimization need. For more information, please visit our website at www.callcenterpower.com.  Unleash the POWER of Your call center TODAY!

About Dizzion

Established in 2011, Dizzion brings the power of cloud computing to the desktop by enabling employees to securely access their applications and data from any device, anytime, anywhere. Dizzion’s proprietary managed desktop service is built on enterprise technology that includes infrastructure, software licensing, management, support and security for a monthly fee. Dizzion is a privately-held company based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit www.dizzion.com.

Media Contact:

Call Center Optimization Group

Doug Deker, President and Chief Operating Officer

703.898.8572 | doug.deker@callcenterpower.com


“CCOG” Announces Powerful Partnership with CarrierSales

Sterling, Virginia – March 9, 2016 – Call Center Optimization Group is pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with CarrierSales; one of the most influential and innovative technology Master Agency groups, anywhere in the world.  With this new partnership, Call Center Optimization Group can leverage CarrierSales’ over 350 technology partners to bring affordable, customized technology solutions to our clients.

“Being able to take advantage of the sheer amount of call center IT and telecom solutions that the CarrierSales network brings to the table for our clients is a game changer for Call Center Optimization.” said Doug Deker, COO of Call Center Optimization Group.  Doug added; “We already offered world class call center consulting and call center partner referral services but our new ability to deploy powerful call center technology solutions for our client’s is going to take our service offerings to the next level.”

CarrierSales technology partners are helping call center organizations all over the world to improve productivity, customer engagement, compliance, data management and the overall customer experience. Call Center Optimization Group is already leveraging the CarrierSales partner network to assist it’s clients.

Doug also mentioned; “As soon as we inked the partnership with CarrierSales, we reached out to our past and current clients to share the news.  Several of them have already begun to look for ways that we can leverage our new partnership to improve their call center’s technology systems and approach.  We have so much more to offer them now and it’s very exciting.”

About CarrierSales

CarrierSales is an award-winning master agent recognized both nationally and internationally for distributing business IT and telecom services with a strategic niche in cloud, contact center, and mobility solutions. Since the creation of CarrierSales in 2001, the company has supported its sales partners with dedicated attention, sales engineering, unparalleled back office support and aggressive commissions. With decades of telecom experience and a forward-thinking portfolio with access to over 350 providers, CarrierSales can tailor a custom solution to fit any company’s unique needs. For more information, go to www.carriersales.comor give us a call at 801-838-7819.

About Call Center Optimization Group

Call Center Optimization Group was established in 2015 by Doug Deker, one of the best call center executives anywhere in the world. “CCOG” conducts general call center operations consulting and business process optimization as well as call center matching services; matching our clients with the vast number of BPO partners in our network. “CCOG” is based in Sterling, Virginia and employs a diverse team of experienced consultants ready to assist with any call center optimization need. For more information, please visit our website at www.callcenterpower.com.  Experience you need.  Advice you can trust!

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Doug Deker