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When In Doubt, consult: The Role of Call Center Consulting

Every organization faces the challenge of how to complete work and projects with the staff currently on hand. In many instances, organizations do not have the money to hire additional employees, or hiring a new person is not a sound decision when your team does not anticipate a long-term need for the position.

In such a conundrum, there is no easy answer. How can your organization create and maintain a lean budget that allows for growth and higher profits? The answer is simple: outsource. Rather than waste time and energy, look into contracting a call center consulting group.

These agencies are vetted, have highly trained staff and can provide references for previous work completed. Such a solution would allow you to hire additional staff as needed and maintain a positive employer brand.

Employees would appreciate the support and, in some opportunities, the consulting work may provide training for your permanent staff and increase the overall customer experience.

What Call Center Consulting Covers

The services provided are broad, ranging from support for a small office to expert solutions for Fortune 500 companies. At Call Center Optimization Group (CCOG), we can meet every need an organization may have. The overarching goal is to create a working partnership with each business that is unique to their needs.

We have a highly trained and diverse team of advisors who can easily identify and understand your requirements, creating a package to meet your business needs while remaining within budget.

A few key services include project management and implementation, performance improvement, training and development, workforce and capacity planning, and technology solutions. Instead of working late nights or increasing the overall workload of your staff, seek help from the experts.

The following services are requested often by organizations:

Performance improvement.

Improving employee performance is key to increasing overall profits. But how do you ensure the biggest bang for your buck and know you are hiring a quality trainer? The coaches and trainers at CCOG have hands-on experience as well as quality training.

The different teams within CCOG work together seamlessly, allowing for trainers and coaches to learn what is needed from the consultants who have worked with your staff. Imagine being able to afford customized training support.

Attrition reduction.

Employees sometimes can be the most unreliable resource in your organization. With the unpredictable human nature, illnesses, deaths or unplanned family needs, employees can be continually entering and exiting the workforce.

This revolving door of employees creates an unstable environment in which work is not completed consistently, or with consistent quality and results. By utilizing CCOG, our team of experts can work alongside your staff, learning their positions and cross-training, to cover the period team members are absent.

Maintaining a constant workflow will increase your revenue, profits, promote your brand and enhance the customer experience.

New project implementation.

Every organization faces the continual dilemma of adapting to the changing needs of its customers and remaining relevant or continuing to provide the same services. Implementing new projects requires additional staff, particularly a project manager. Turning to a call center consultant for temporary staffing solutions can work for your organization.

Process improvement.

Maintaining the highest quality services as well as keeping the current best practices can be challenging. For some organizations, you simply cannot afford to have one person dedicated to researching and identifying the improvements needed.

CCOG has staff dedicated to studying current best practices, reviewing your organization and identifying the needed improvements. CCOG can also provide the training required to implement the identified enhancements.

New call center site implementation.

Adding or starting a new business is overwhelming. No matter how well prepared or trained you are, situations and challenges will arise that call for additional staff or subject matter experts.

CCOG can sidestep these challenges by walking alongside you every step of the way. Imagine having a mentor to guide you through the process.

Training and development.

For any business to stay ahead of the curve, continuous staff training and development are necessary. Instead of looking for quality trainers who will take time to acclimate to your culture, you can work with trainers already familiar with industry standards and your business.

Technology solutions.

Technology is costly and difficult for organizations of any size to fund. Technology also depreciates quickly, becoming a liability. Working with a call center consulting company allows you to access the newest technology without straining your budget or investing in hardware that may be outdated in less than a year.

How call center consulting helps

If you have any doubts about the services a call center can provide, keep reading. Call centers provide the extra staff, knowledge, subject matter experts and technology all organizations need to be successful and profitable without adding additional financial burdens.

Setting industry standards. Working within any industry, you want an assurance that your organization is setting standards or keeping up with standard changes. Working with CCOG ensures you will stay on top of the trends in your industry.

Developing strategies and best practices. For an organization to stay current on best practices, it needs to develop and implement strategies. Trust our experts to integrate plans that will help your organization to grow.

Improving existing workflows. Maintaining a continuous workflow ensures an organization’s success and profits. If employee attrition becomes an issue, or if employees are not adequately trained or even recruited, your customers will notice, and your organization will lose business.

Working with a call center consultant ensures your business will grow in an uncertain market. Our experts can help you identify areas of growth and support you throughout the process without lessening your profits.


Call Center Attrition Can Be Beat….

“Sometimes I think there is no way we are ever going to stop losing agents. We’ve tried everything we know of to stem the tide but they leave anyway. We are going to relocate this center if this continues.” (Quote from an actual call center executive)

Attrition!  There, I said it.  Call Center Attrition!  Call Center Attrition has given more call center leaders more problems than any other call center related issue; by far.  Call center attrition costs companies hundreds of millions of dollars a year and puts untold pressure on their ability to deliver customer satisfaction.  Today, a company’s ability to successfully drive customer satisfaction can make or break their bottom line.  Taking care of customers is no longer an option.

A chief driver of customer satisfaction for a company is their call center agent’s knowledge of the company’s products and services, proficiency with the training and tools they have been given, their expertise with call control and soft skills as well as their “passion” for pure customer service.  Call center agents must be excited about the job they are doing to deliver the level of quality and customer satisfaction required in today’s marketplace.  However, call center attrition is like someone throwing a huge monkey wrench into an operation, derailing all of these elements.

Many of our clients ask us;”Can you give me something we can use to improve the agent attrition in our call center?” Our team understands that there is no silver bullet to beat call center attrition.  Improving a call center operation’s attrition is an intense, all encompassing approach that requires the buy in from every department in the organization.

When a new client reaches out to our team at Call Center Optimization Group with an attrition problem, we shoot straight with them by letting them know that undertaking a serious call center attrition improvement initiative requires buy in and participation from the whole organization.  There will not be quick results but if the organization follows the attrition reduction approach outlined by our team, they will achieve long term, sustained attrition improvement, which will ultimately save their organizations hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year in real and opportunity costs from lost customers, repeat calls, reduced customer acquisition growth and more.  Call center attrition is the real deal.

When a call center leader brings in Call Center Optimization Group to help solve their attrition problem, we conduct a detailed assessment of the entire organization (not just the call center operation) to FULLY understand all of the potential causes of the call center’s attrition problem.  Once the assessment is complete, we leverage our detailed observations and expertise to come up with real world, easy to understand and execute recommendations; all designed to achieve that long term, sustained attrition improvement that all organizations are looking for.

Your attrition problem CAN BE SOLVED! The good news is when you are working with “CCOG”, our proven assessment procedures, personal experience in fighting attrition in our own call centers as well as all that we have learned over time working with our clients, has armed us with the tools and talent to win the attrition battle for any call center operation.

If you are having a call center attrition issue, you should give our team at Call Center Optimization Group a call.  We’ve helped our client’s beat call center attrition for a long time and we can help you to.

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