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Project Testimonial

Prism Call Center Associates Testimonial - “Our call center was doing basic card activation for a large, pre paid card provider. This provider was our biggest and most profitable client. Almost without notice, they told us they were going to RFP the WHOLE business with most of the decision hanging on the operation’s ability to implement and execute on a new sales function. No one on our team had a clue how to drive a sales or value added service program. With the project, and really our center’s existence on the line, I found and decided to contact the Call Center Optimization Group for help. Steve came in, quickly assessed what we need to do, learned the product, wrote very effective sales scripts, optimized our human capital for sales and trained our team to do the job very well. Long story short, not only did we implement the program quicker than any other company that was responding to the RFP could, our results exceeded expectations and we ended up getting a 3 year extension. We definitely could not have done it without CCOG." Matt Burcar - Prism Call Center Associates Testimonial

Results of Collaboration:

  • 300% Improvement in Sales Close Ratio
  • $5 Million Dollars of Added Revenue
  • 180% Reduction in Employee Attrition
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