Review a CCOG Testimonial

Project Testimonial

Skylight Financial - “When I took over the Skylight call center, the culture was so negative and performance was awful. Service Levels were triple what they should have been, customer satisfaction was at an all time low, employee attrition was at 250% annualized and the call center was seriously hurting our company’s ability to bring on new busines because of all of the customer complaints. I had to fix it quick and I knew I could not do it alone. That is when I called The Call Center Optimization Group. CCOG was in the boat with me all the way. They really cared about my success and ensured we were set up to succeed after their engagement ended. I will continue to use CCOG whenever I can and will recommend them to every peer I talk to." Tricia Wyss - Skylight Financial

Results of Collaboration:

  • 80% Improvement in Service Level
  • 40% Improvement in Employee Attrition
  • 95% Improvement in CSAT
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