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Once you’ve found a call center outsource vendor you want to you, then comes the “fun” and extremely important part. It is so important to negotiate and establish a solid agreement with your new outsource partner. Having a bad contract can literally cost your organization millions of dollars in inefficient operational costs and lost customers. You have to get this one right.

Call Center Optimization Group has a great deal of experience in designing contracts that will protect your organization from excessive termination fees, minimum monthly charges, longer than standard terms and “fine print” creep. We are also good at working with outsource partners to design contracts that meet the needs of your business, not only theirs. You may need a contract that supports a slower, multiphasic approach or one that scales more quickly. One size does not fit all.

When negotiating with a potential outsource partner, it’s nice to have a strong team behind you as you go through the process. Let us be that team!

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