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“CCOG” Instructional Design and Training Services Include:

  • Customized Curriculum and Training Solutions
  • Diverse Team of Training Profesionals
  • Proven Results
  • “CCOG” Proprietary Learning Management System
  • Broad Subject Matter Expertise
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Small or Large Scale Training Services
  • Return on Investment Measurement Tools

“….As a direct result of “CCOG”‘s comprehensive work on our training program, our company realized a cost savings of over $1.25 million dollars within 6 months of after the project ended. Our agents came out of training better prepared to handle their calls. Our Trainers learned how to write curriculum and platform skills. We also implemented a knowledge base in our center which was a game changer for us. I’m so glad I called Brian and his team at “CCOG” Tricia W. – Skylight

A call center operation cannot run smoothly without first rate training programs. The BEST operations focus on training in every aspect of the organization. New hire training, ongoing training, leadership training, service delivery training; it’s all important to the best call center organizations.

Our team at Call Center Optimization Group has a wealth of experience with EVERY type of training program you can imagine. We have designed, developed and delivered training programs for inbound service, outbound sales, collections, leadership training, compliance training and more. CCOG will help you develop great training materials, design effective training techniques for all learners in your center, monitor training effectiveness and make improvements. We will also work with your team to build job aides so your team has quick resources they can use during calls to help their customers.

In addition, we provide world class Coaching and Development programs and our award winning Learning Management System that will help to ensure coaching effectiveness throughout your operation. Our Call Center Coaching programs have helped many of our clients take their Agent and Supervisor performance to the next level. Call us today to get your call center training program started!

"...The team at CCOG saved our company over $3 million a year by improving our attrition and raising our agent productivity across the board. Calling CCOG was the best professional decision I ever made!"

Matt B.

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