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Over time, we received many requests from industry experts, corporate clients, conference planners and more to come speak and participate in their events. We were routinely asked to participate on conference panels and call center industry round tables. We also received requests from corporations to speak to members of their team on a variety of call center topics that were impacting the industry and their operations. Our team saw these as great opportunities to share our call center expertise with others, network and meet with people who share our same passion for the call center industry as well as add value to call center events all over the world.

Whether you are looking for a short speaking engagement as part of a training curriculum or are sponsoring a large scale contact center operations conference and need a guest speaker; our team at CCOG would be glad to share our experience and expertise with your audience. These speaking engagements are also a great opportunity for our team at Call Center Optimization Group to learn more and more about the call center industry from the great people involved in it.

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