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“Projects” in a call center can take on many forms. You could be undertaking an internal improvement project like installing new technology, introducing a new product/service or even implementing your center’s first outsourcing project. Our team at CCOG is poised to help you organize and drive these efforts through to completion for you!

Project implementation work can overwhelm already taxed call center operators and really hurt their ability to not only perform their core job of running the call center but also the job of implementing a well run, well executed call center project. Project implementations can have 100’s of tasks, with many stakeholders and dependencies that have to be managed.

Our team at Call Center Optimization Group have successfully planned, organized and executed literally 100’s of projects and new call center implementations. When you engage CCOG to help you with your project, we utilize proven project management methodologies and team members who are masters at organization and influencing others to help ensure the successful implementation of your project. If you do not have the time or capacity to run a major project, let CCOG lead it for you. We want to be the extra pair of hands you can use to get these important projects done.

"...The team at CCOG saved our company over $3 million a year by improving our attrition and raising our agent productivity across the board. Calling CCOG was the best professional decision I ever made!"

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