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One of the most enjoyable jobs of any call center leader is to develop and promote internal employees into Team Lead, Supervisor or Manager roles. These are people who have excelled in the past and are typically very self-motivated to give all they can to help you and your employees be successful. Our team at CCOG excels at providing mentoring support for these new and excited team members. We have can teach new leaders leadership techniques that will make them well respected and impactful in their teams. We recognized a long time ago that when you promote and cultivate the development of hard working employees, they will follow you for the life of their career. We love being a part of that.

At Call Center Optimization Group, we work with the senior leadership team to teach Supervisors and Managers the basic principles of situational leadership, coaching techniques, how to use data to improve performance, how to properly handle employee relations issues, basic organizational skills of a leader, platform and presentation skills and so much more. Our consultants are call center operators with real experience in leading call centers and mentoring new leaders to be their best. We have the tools and approach you need to turn average call center leaders into great ones!

"...The team at CCOG saved our company over $3 million a year by improving our attrition and raising our agent productivity across the board. Calling CCOG was the best professional decision I ever made!"

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