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CCOG’s team has successfully battled the agent attrition problem in their call centers for almost 25 years. This team’s passion for reducing attrition in call centers around the world is evident, and that passion is applied to every client with whom we engage.

Human capital is by far one of the largest expenses in any call center. We have worked with clients whose call centers were on the verge of closing because of their high attrition. Our team has worked with our clients to save 1000s of jobs, call centers and in many cases, communities.

Call center attrition has to be fought on multiple fronts simultaneously. The CCOG team understands the key drivers of poor attrition. We work with you to:

  • Analyze your reporting
  • Create action plans
  • Observe attrition trends
  • Increase compensation, rewards and career paths
  • Find other key components at play in your organizations attrition

Many operators believe there is nothing they can do to reduce their call center attrition. The reality is if you have the tools and processes in place to uncover the root cause of the problem and leverage a quality team to help you address the problem; you too can win the attrition game!

Don’t let agent attrition continue to drag you down! Let our team help you reduce attrition in your call center and get you back to running a successful operation. Call us today to get started!

"...The team at CCOG saved our company over $3 million a year by improving our attrition and raising our agent productivity across the board. Calling CCOG was the best professional decision I ever made!"

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