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“Why would I use Call Center Optimization Group to help me find a call center provider?”

Our team at Call Center Optimization Group knows the call center business from the inside out and we know we can make a real difference for our clients and their business. We’re not here to simply connect our clients to the right service provider. We’re here to help them make informed decisions, minimize their risks, solve their problems quickly and easily, and position their company for long-term growth and success. Finding the right call center outsource solution can be complicated, stressful, risky and very time consuming. At Call Center Optimization Group, we do the work for you – research and vet providers, negotiate favorable pricing and more. We give you the information you need to minimize the headaches and make the smart choice for your business.

Reliable, Vetted Provider Network

All of our service providers must meet our high quality standards. Each provider we work with is rated based on a specific set of scoring criteria. We then use that rating system to compare providers and determine the best match for our clients. During the provider review and selection process, we stay in constant communication with our partners to make sure we are giving our client the most accurate and up-to-date information, including capabilities, pricing and contract requirements.

Extensive Hands-On Experience

At “CCOG”, we have decades of hands-on experience staffing and managing call centers and have built a network of qualified service provider partners around the world. We have the vendor connections,the insider industry knowledge, and the “been there, done that” veteran perspective it takes to help our clients find the call center solution that best aligns with their business goals and objectives.

Trusted Partner

Trying to find the best call center service provider is a time consuming, confusing, risk prone process for clients who don’t have existing provider/vendor relationships and don’t know where to start or who to trust. At “CCOG”, our goal is to use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients find the ideal call center solution with as little work and stress on their part as possible. We’re here to help make sure they make the right decision by asking the right questions, evaluating pricing options and negotiating beneficial contract terms for our clients.

High-Touch, Responsive Service

We recognize and understand the sense of urgency our clients experience when they need to outsource a portion of (or all) of their call center and we know what is on the line if they fail to make the right choices. That’s why we respond to their questions and concerns literally in minutes, because we know what’s at stake. We want our clients to know we are always here for them and will help them find the answers as quickly as possible.

CCOG” BPO Outsourcing Services Provide:

  • Inbound customer service
  • Outbound sales
  • Inbound & outbound collections
  • Helpdesk/Technical Support
  • Wide array of industry verticals
  • Supporting over 30 languages
  • Full implementation services
  • Return on Investment planning

At Call Center Optimization Group, we have a large network of affordable BPO outsourcing providers available to help you with any size project, across multiple business verticals. Our partners range in size from large tier 1 contact centers to small regional providers and everything in between. Additionally, our partners provide a full suite of omni channel services to be there for your customers; regardless of how they want to interact with your business including inbound phone support, outbound calling, email, chat, social media service and more. Our partners also have experience in Sales, Customer Care, Tech Support, and Collections, as well as have various industry certifications including PCI, HIPPA, GLBA, SOC 2 and many others.

We have built our BPO partner network through our own personal experience outsourcing to BPO partners. We’ve worked with call center operations in over 20 countries and across six continents. Our familiarity with the business climates all over the world give us a keen awareness of the market dynamics that fit best with your business and program needs.

Whether you are looking for a provider close in proximity to your own business or if you are looking to take advantage of site redundancy or offshore pricing, we have the perfect solution for you. Best of all, our call center brokerage services is FREE TO YOU. Whether it’s healthcare, financial services, sales, collections and more; we can find your organization a great partner to help you accomplish your goals. We are your outsource partner destination!

"...The team at CCOG saved our company over $3 million a year by improving our attrition and raising our agent productivity across the board. Calling CCOG was the best professional decision I ever made!"

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