Our Leadership Team

Brian Redden - CEO

Brian Redden – CEO

Brian has been working in the call center industry since 1993.  Back then, Brian started with MCI Telecommunications as a representative and over the past 23 years, has worked his way up to the Vice President level, running large multi-site centers both in the US and Canada. 

Brian has lead large call center operations in a variety of verticals ranging from Healthcare Services, Financial Services, Utilities, Mobile Payments and more; for companies such as Citibank, Atmos Energy, United Healthcare, MCI, ACE Cash Express and MCX.   Brian enjoys the unique and many challenges that running call centers present.  In particular, he loves taking on call center “turn around” efforts and attrition reduction initiatives.

Most recently, Brian co-founded his own call center consulting company called Call Center Optimization Group.  “CCOG” has a comprehensive suite of consulting services designed to help any size call center organization improve performance.  “CCOG” also has a significant call center brokerage business helping to match clients with BPO partners that work best for them.

Doug Deker - Founder/President

Doug Deker – President

Doug began his career at MCI in 1992 where he was introduced to large inbound and outbound call center operations that drove the 2nd largest long distance company at that time.  Over the years, Doug has been responsible for outsourcing large sales and service operations to BPO vendors all over the world.  Doug led global vendor management teams that were responsible for driving the performance of as many as 5,000 FTE’s across multiple BPO’s located domestically, near-shore and offshore. 

Doug has vetted the call center market on five different continents in 20+ countries over his 25 year career.  In that time, Doug was exposed to many different types of vendor organizational structures, best practices, industry knowledge and much more.  The outcome is that Doug knows what drives successful operations and conversely what impedes organizations from performing their best.

Armed with this knowledge of the BPO marketplace Doug joined forces with Brian Redden to co-found CCOG.  Brian’s in-depth knowledge of driving on-site operations is a great complement to Doug’s experience.  Together, this duo is capable of driving value for almost any type of client in the call center space.